This website has been disrupted by Russian cyber botniks and exists only in the eyes of the observer. Through state-of-the-art quantum magic there is now an entangled website that exists at the same time, but in a different place of the interverse:

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Please visit the new website and consider the information below outdated.

Portfolio & Background

From Ambient Media to Digital Mumbo Jumbo, from Influencer Marketing to Event Ideation, from Board Presentations to Guerilla Marketing, from UX Conception to Transcreation – I have worked on almost anything you can imagine in marketing.


Background: 20+ years of experience in creative ideation, concept, copy, content and strategy. 10+ years as a copywriter and concept developer with agencies in Europe, 10+ years as a freelancer and entrepreneur in South Africa. Currently working in Hamburg, Germany. https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-fiehn/en

More than 10,000 views and 150 downloads – my Visual Résumé on SlideShare.

My presentation on SlideShare was only meant to be a visual résumé to introduce myself in the context of digital transformation and creative disruption.

It kind of accidentally went viral and has been downloaded by international industry peers including the Group Strategy Director at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, M&C Saatchi Russia’s CEO & Founder, Strategic Planning at TBWA\ISTANBUL, the Managing Creative Director at DDB Berlin, Dentsu Indonesia’s Account Management Team, the Global Strategy Director at Starcom USA as well as many other senior executives at various agencies, corporations and organisations around the world.

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Google Knowledge Graph

Google’s algorithm has recently chosen my presentation to be the world’s #1 reference on that topic — displayed in the Knowledge Graph right on top of the Wikipedia article. I wish I could hug the algorithm ;)

That’s it for now, new website coming soon.

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